Friday, February 13, 2009

Princess or Devil? You Decide

In case you didn't know a couple months ago a stray kitten came to the church parking lot, and she had a broken leg. Kyle was trying to chase her off, and we didn't want her to get hurt so we adopted her! Isn't she adorable? Well don't be fooled because underneath that cute face is a mind of EVIL!

When let in the house she will torment Kyle to no end, play with my mother's curtains, and bite when she is being petted(she thinks your playing). She is also very agile and fast as you can see in this below pic she had jumped onto my tall dresser from my bed( an amazing feat!) Hopefully she will grow to be comfortable with us soon. So Princess or Devil? Only you can decide!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey all! As you can gather from the title it was Chelsea's birthday!!!! This wonderful sister of mine turned 17 on Jan 28th. I had the wonderful opportunity to tell everyone around me that this was so and had them sing to her(quite embarrassing on her part:). Chelsea had a few friends over on Friday for a little party and we had a wonderful time.
Here is Miss America herself reading a card and beaming at its contents.
Below is all of us chowing down on my moms sinfully delicious homemade pizza! From left to right are Jenna, Zac, Daniel, me(duh), Chelsea, Lauren, and Sloan, Justin was there too but Mr. smooth figured out how to avoid the camera:), we played games and ate food and celebrated the wonderful times we shared with a very special and Godly woman,Chelsea!!! I love you Chelsea and I can't imagine being without you, so shine like the beauty that you are and dazzle the world!