Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Preacher's New Look

This is no ordinary preacher. The blue hair is because he is so dedicated to missions, he vowed he would dye it if the kids raised $900. Well, they did. Not only is it blue, it is also sparkly. The glitter still is to be found on his pillow, his bathroom and his clothes. Great job kids! We never imagined he would look so good in Kentucky blue. Enjoy it Papaw Joe, while you can.

Kyle takes the Wheel

All challengers beware! Here comes the new champion of Mario Kart.....Kyle the Speed Demon! This connoisseur of kart is the best there is, look how he only needs ONE paw to drive! He calls forth all challengers to the parsonage for a showdown. Bring your 'A' game, says the champ. Loser eats dog food for a week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Wonderfully Amazing Socko Joe

To start off, this is me with the Amazing Socko Joe on the day my wonderful grandparents bought him for me.
This is Socko Joe with his very first hamburger. Check in later for more socko joe firsts.